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  • Is cocoa forming a base?

    Commitment of Traders and wyckoff trading range analysis suggest that cocoa could be ready to rally away of the one month old accumulation base (watch the video here on the side). Of course, as always, this is not a trade solicitation and if you trade you do it at your own risk and responsibility. 
  • Our Trading Business Week

    As the week progresses, we at Trading for Purpose develop trading online ideas that then we announce through annotated charts and text comments. In all likelihood we're going to actually execute every trade mentioned, but it must be clear that our set-ups are reported here for purely education purposes: in other words, we are not inviting you to execute yourself those trades or others that are inspired to those. If you do, it's your own free choice.

    Here alongside we periodically publish videos that, in our opinion, may be useful to anyone who wants to engage in the difficult art of speculative futures trading, forex trading or stock trading.

    Tom Williams Volume Spread Analysis video

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